Why is There a Shortage of Skilled Laborers and Tradesmen?

Why is There a Shortage of Skilled Laborers and Tradesmen? | Future Force Personnel

If you’re hiring in the trades, you know there’s a massive shortage of labor. The question is: why? After all, many of these positions offer generous compensation.

However, the problem isn’t the lack of salary or benefits. It’s that fewer people from younger generations are entering the skilled trades to start. At the same time, there’s an exodus from the industry due to Baby Boomers retiring.

It’s why more and more companies are beginning to parter with trade schools, high schools, community colleges, and other job training programs to get more young people into the trades. In the meantime, though, this means competition is fierce when you’re looking for someone with a specialized skills set in the trades.

In fact, it often takes around two months to fill one job in the trades. If you need to hire now, for a particular project, this can cause serious delays and headaches. To help you to overcome them, some strategies include:

What is the Reason for a Shortage of Skilled Laborers and Tradesmen?

Offering more than competitive pay and benefits

When you go above and beyond what your competition is offering, skilled tradespeople are more likely to accept your offer.

Asking for referrals from employees

Create an employee referral program so that your core staff who refers people you hire have a financial incentive to do so.

Creating an apprentice or mentoring program.

Pair new hires with existing seasoned employees who can train them and pass along their knowledge in the process.

Using technology where you can to manage projects

Automate administrative tasks and use software to make project management easier and more seamless.

Valuing and appreciating your existing employees.

Make sure you’re also investing in retention efforts to keep your existing employees happy and engaged.

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