How to Stay Healthy Working in Manufacturing

Working in manufacturing can be rough on your body. If you don’t take steps toward maintaining good health and wellness, you might start to feel pain or face other chronic health conditions. But by following a few tips, you can put your health front and center and feel better on the job each day.

How Can You Stay Healthy Working in Manufacturing?

Know What Mix of Activity Works for You

When it comes to keeping your body strong and healthy, what’s best? Aerobic activity, strength training, or simply regular vigorous activity? The answer is all of the above. Some ways to maintain your health include by:

  • Getting in 150 minutes of aerobic activity each week. This can include anything from walking the dog to walking around the factory floor.
  • Vigorous activity, like jogging or biking, working to get in around 75 minutes of activity each week.
  • Strength training and incorporating some weights into your workout routine at least twice a week to improve muscle mass and bone density.

Another key area to focus on, especially when you’re working in a factory? Strengthening your core muscles. By doing this, you can cut down on the risk of back injuries and chronic pain.

In addition, if you have the kind of position in manufacturing that can put your respiratory health at risk, be sure to not only wear the proper protective gear, but also do some exercises to enhance lung capacity. Also, if you smoke, now is the time to quit!

Be Safe at Work and Know the Hazards

Your employer likely has some pretty strict safety rules. It’s for a reason, so adhere to them. Make sure you’re wearing the Personal Protective Equipment that your employer requires. Tell your employer about new hazards or potential issues you’re noticing, so they can evaluate the situation and create safety rules around it, protecting you and your fellow workers.

In addition, if there are ergonomic problems that can fixed, alert your employer. When you have a job that requires repetitive movement, it can cause issues with your musculoskeletal system. Ergonomic tools and equipment can help cut down on strain and prevent the potential for injuries.

Maintain a Balanced Diet

The food you eat plays a major role in your overall health. If you don’t have a healthy diet, you won’t feel well, plus it can put you at risk in your demanding role at a manufacturing facility. So, focus on eating plenty of healthy proteins and fruits and veggies. Keep yourself well-hydrated and get enough rest each night so you feel strong at the start of each shift.

Need Help Finding Your Next Manufacturing Job?

By following these guidelines, you can maintain your health and productivity in a manufacturing environment. If, however, you don’t feel your employer is dedicated to creating a safe, healthy workplace for you, it’s time for a change. Turn to Future Force to find your next manufacturing job in the Orlando area. We’re here to help!

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