How to Bounce Back from Job Searching Setbacks and Move Forward

How to Bounce Back from Job Searching Setbacks and Move Forward | Future Force Personnel

A job search setback can be more than disappointing, it can be devastating. However, it’s important to keep in mind that most people – even the strongest leaders – experience rejection during their careers at some point, so you’re not alone. To help you navigate your way through, here are some tips to put to use.

How Can You Bounce Back from Job Searching?

Don’t Avoid Your Emotions

After a job search setback, give yourself permission to feel and process your emotions. Whether you’re disappointed, frustrated, or anxious, acknowledging these feelings is the first step towards overcoming them.

Whatever you do, don’t suppress them. This can lead to issues with your mental wellness and confidence and can even impact your job search going forward. So allow yourself a moment to grieve the setback and process it before moving ahead.

Get Support and Encouragement From Others

Don’t marinate in your rejection alone, obsessively thinking about it. Instead, talk about the situation with others that you trust, whether it’s your spouse or partner, a friend, a family member, or even a former colleague. They can likely empathize with you and offer a sounding board to how you’re feeling. This can help you gain perspective on the situation, helping to restore your job search motivation.

Reset Your Mindset

Setbacks feel negative. However, sometimes they can actually be positive. For instance, perhaps that job wasn’t a good fit for you. You could have dodged a bullet without knowing it. Or there could be a much more rewarding role in the near future that’s ideal for you. Whatever the case, reset your mindset so you can build resilience and take the next step toward finding the right opportunity.

Try to Evaluate the Situation Objectively

Take a step back and objectively analyze the situation. Reflect on what went well during phone screen or interview, and identify areas where you could improve. Get feedback from the interviewer if they are willing to give it. This can be hard to hear, but it can help you learn what areas you need to improve on for your next job interview, so you don’t repeat mistakes.

Find Your Next Great Job!

Bouncing back from a job search setback can be difficult, but it’s doable when you follow some of the steps above. If you’d like expert help with your job search, turn to Future Force. As an award-winning employment agency serving the Orlando, FL, area, we can help you find a great job and take the next big step in your career. Search our Orlando jobs now!

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