4 Ways to Avoid New Job Scams

4 Ways to Avoid New Job Scams | Future Force Personnel

Searching for a new job is stressful enough. The last thing you need is to be fooled by a scam. But the reality is that job scams are out there and can trick you into applying and even providing personal details, like your bank account number. The good news is that there are ways to spot fake jobs and avoid them altogether. Here’s a look at four of them.

How Can You Avoid New Job Scams?

1. Don’t Pay a Fee to Apply…Ever

The best fake jobs are created specifically to deceive you and can look just like a legitimate employer. It’s therefore important to be on the lookout for signs such as asking you to pay a fee to apply to a job or a one-time fee to start the job, or asking for a wire transfer of any kind. Imposters posing as recruiters can also email you to inquire about personal details, including bank account information. In addition, scammers can also pose as experts in hiring who are willing to help you land a job…for a fee.

2. Don’t Give Out Personal Details to Interview for a Job

Some jobs look real, and an imposter may even contact you to set up an interview. They’ll send you a link to an online messaging service where the supposed interview is to take place. The catch? You’ll have to enter in your personal details to set up an account to access the messaging service and the interview. Of course, there’s no real interview and this is just a way for scammers to get your personal information. A legitimate employer, however, will typically use reputable online video software, like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, not one that you’ve never heard of.

3. Don’t Accept Money from a Fake Company

Another tricky way that scammers will try to deceive you is by asking you to accept a sum of money into your personal bank account to start a job. However, this is just another way for the company to get your bank account information. In addition, some scammers will use you to launder dirty money. They’ll offer to give you a sum of money and keep a percentage of it, then transfer the rest back into their account. Again, they are just trying to get your bank account details.

4. Don’t Give Out Your Credit Card for a Credit Report

Another way that scammers can trick you is with a fake credit report. They’ll claim that they need to run a credit check to ensure they are hiring someone who is fiscally responsible. They’ll ask you to enter your credit card information to run the report. The reality is that they are stealing your credit card information and charging unauthorized fees on it. A reputable company that truly wants to check your credit will do so on their own dime.

Want to Avoid Fake Jobs?

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