Tips to Tell if Your Candidate Has Excellent Customer Service Skills

All positions are important in your company, but some are mission-critical. One that falls into this category is customer service. If your customers aren’t happy, they’ll find another company to do business with. Your bottom line will suffer, as will employee morale. That’s why it’s vital to hire customer service representatives who are a cut… Read More »

How Do You Answer: What Makes You Special?

There are many awkward interview questions that are common during the hiring process. “What makes you special?” is certainly one of them. How can you paint yourself in the best possible light, without coming across as arrogant? Here are a few tips for crafting the best response: Prepare an answer that’s unique to each employer.… Read More »

Improving Employee Communication at Work

Excellent communication is the key to success for any team, large or small. But getting it right can be complicated. How are you able to build relationships and improve communication while minimizing conflict in the workplace? Here are some tips from Future Force, one of Orlando’s top office staffing agencies, to help you: Create a… Read More »

First Impressions Matter: Attract Candidates with Effective Job Postings

You need to attract high-quality people to hire. The first step in finding them is through your job posting. But too many times, employers make mistakes that wind up sabotaging their efforts and impacting the level of talent they’re able to attract. Don’t let that happen to you. Instead, follow these simple steps from Future… Read More »

A Thank-You Note Today Could Become a Job Offer Tomorrow

In today’s economy, job searches are competitive. There are many candidates with similar skills and backgrounds, making it tough to set yourself apart and get noticed by the hiring manager. One simple way is by sending a thank-you note after the interview. This can be especially helpful when you’re getting a lot of interviews, but… Read More »

What to Do When a Job Candidate Keeps Pestering You

As one of Miami’s leading staffing agencies, Future Force knows that enthusiasm is generally a positive trait in most job candidates. However, what if one particular candidate is taking it too far – and constantly pestering you? How do you handle the situation? Here are two quick tips to help you: Set expectations from the beginning. One… Read More »

4 Easy Ways for Screening Applicant Resumes

As one of Miami’s leading staffing agencies, Future Force knows the end of the year is typically one of the busiest periods when it comes to screening applicant resumes and making hiring decisions. If you’re feeling like you don’t have enough time in the day to review the influx of applications coming your way, you’re certainly… Read More »

5 Ideas for Reducing Turnover in the New Year

You may have all sorts of new initiatives planned for the New Year. But is preventing turnover one of them? While some turnover is good for a company, too much can wreak havoc and hurt the bottom line. If you know you need to invest some time and effort in reducing turnover in 2014, here… Read More »

Job Description Checklist

Writing a job description is the easy part of the hiring process, right? Wrong. As one of Miami’s top staffing agencies, Future Force knows that writing an effective job description typically takes more effort than hiring managers think. But when you spend the time upfront crafting a concise and compelling job description, you’ll attract higher quality… Read More »

“Have You Been Arrested?”…and Other Illegal Interview Questions

You think you’re making polite small talk, or perhaps even asking a question relevant to the job. But what you’re really doing is asking illegal interview questions. And if you have a job candidate who recognizes such a question as off-limits, then you could land in legal hot water, particularly if they don’t get extended… Read More »