First Impressions Matter: Attract Candidates with Effective Job Postings

You need to attract high-quality people to hire. The first step in finding them is through your job posting. But too many times, employers make mistakes that wind up sabotaging their efforts and impacting the level of talent they’re able to attract. Don’t let that happen to you. Instead, follow these simple steps from Future Force – one of Miami’s leading staffing agencies – to create better job postings:

Be concise.

When it comes to your posting, it’s a balancing act. You need to provide enough detail to explain the role and your company. At the same time, top candidates aren’t going to want to read through an extensive explanation of every aspect of the job. It’s best to think of the posting like a marketing advertisement. What are the key details and main responsibilities you must convey to attract the right talent? You don’t need to include the most granular bits of detail on every part of the position.

Be clear.

Your job posting shouldn’t be full of vague language, tasks that aren’t realistic, and wages and benefits that are unclear. Every step of the way, you should be explicit not only about what you expect from a candidate in the role, but also what they can expect from your company. If there’s any misrepresentation, your new hire won’t last long once on the job.

Be able to talk about what the right candidate looks like.

Beyond the actual job, discuss what your ideal candidate looks like. Do you need an extreme extrovert who has a knack for sales? Someone who’s highly organized and never lets a detail fall through the cracks? Whatever type of person you’re looking for, paint a picture for potential candidates so they know whether they’re a fit or whether they fall short.

Be sure to focus on the needs of the candidate, too.

Top candidate want to do more than punch in and out each day. They want make a difference at the place where they’re working. They also want to understand how your organization can benefit their career in the long run. So beyond focus on your specific hiring needs, talk too about why a candidate should want to work for you. Remember, it’s a two-way street and there are plenty of rewarding jobs out there. You therefore need to put your best foot forward to promote the opportunity.

Need more help writing compelling job postings for your openings?

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