How a Miami Staffing Agency Can Save You Money

If you needed help with your corporate taxes, you would hire an experienced CPA. Likewise, if you need help hiring the best people for your organization – those with the most advanced skills and the right personality – then you should consider partnering with a staffing agency. Besides giving you faster access to a pipeline of today’s top… Read More »

Happy Thanksgiving from Our Miami Staffing Agency

At Future Force Personnel, we can’t believe that 2011 is winding down and that in just a few short weeks, a brand new year will be upon us. It’s really no wonder, though, considering how the days have flown by in our Miami staffing agency. From filling temp jobs fast to sourcing full-time professionals to… Read More »

Recruiting Via Social Networking: Should You Take the Plunge?

According to a 2011 poll released by the Society for Human Resource Management, 56% of HR professionals use social networking websites to source potential job candidates, a 34% increase from 2008. So why the drastic uptick? Because recruiting via social networking offers a variety of important benefits to employers in Miami and beyond, including the… Read More »

Are You a Good Boss?

It’s easy to spot a bad boss. But what makes a good boss? Considering the rise of employees quitting their jobs (rather than being laid off ) in the past few months, it’s more important than ever to understand what makes a boss “good” and to do your best to be one. To help, here… Read More »

5 Tips for Dealing With Employee Turnover

At one time or another, every Miami employer has to deal with turnover. But let’s face it. That doesn’t make it any less disruptive when it happens to your company. With turnover, your remaining staff members have to compensate for the person who left. In addition, once a new person is hired, there’s a learning… Read More »