Make Over Your Cover Letter in 4 Easy Steps

  • “I have extensive experience and can learn new concepts quickly.”
  • “I have a solid work ethic and always go the extra mile.”
  • “I’m a strong communicator and enjoy working with others.” 

Are these the kinds of statements you have in your cover letter?

If so, then there’s a problem. Simply put, your cover letter shouldn’t be making vague statements or talking about who you are. It should be talking about how you can meet a need for a potential employer and offering specific examples of how you’ve done so in the past for other employers.

As one of the top employment agencies in Miami, we know that competition in today’s job market is fierce. And in order to stand out among candidates, you have to do a top-notch job of selling yourself by showcasing accomplishments that relate directly to the employer’s needs.

To help ensure you sound irresistible to a potential employer, here are some tips to consider:

1. Find out the hiring manager’s name.

If it’s not listed in the job posting, you might be tempted to use the old standby “to whom it may concern.” But spend some time trying to find out their name. It demonstrates that you are willing to do your homework and that you really care about getting the job.

2. Write in a conversational tone. 

Many cover letters tend to be extremely stiff and formal, so if you write yours in a more conversational tone, you’ll stand out. So show some personality in your letter. That said, don’t go overboard; always keep it professional.

3. Now’s the time to brag about yourself. 

Our society tells us not to brag about our accomplishments; but in a cover letter, that’s exactly what you should be doing. Whether you increased sales, reduced operating expenses, or landed a huge new client, highlight those achievements. It’s even better if you can quantify the results of your accomplishments, such as “was able to cut operating expenses by 10%.”

4. Keep it short and sweet. 

Don’t submit a 5-page dissertation about how great you are; your cover letter should have an intro paragraph, a couple of paragraphs about your accomplishments and what you can do for the employer, and a closing. That’s it. You don’t need to tell the employer every positive thing you’ve ever done over the course of your career; you simply want to entice them so they call you for an interview.

And if you’d like some additional help creating a cover letter and resume that gets results, let us know. As one of the top employment agencies in Miami, we can help you with the entire job search process, from creating a cover letter to preparing for interviews to finding out about rewarding opportunities in Miami and beyond. Get started now.

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