Why You Should Consider Hiring Veterans

With the Fourth of July almost upon us, patriotism is in the air. And one way many companies are letting their American flags fly is by hiring veterans.

But as one of the leading Dade County staffing agencies, Future Force Personnel knows doing so isn’t just about good deeds…or federal tax incentives, for that matter. In fact, according to a report from the Center for New American Security, a Washington think-tank, it just makes good business sense.

The report found that, once hired, many veterans make valuable contributions in the civilian workplace. For instance:

  • Veterans tend to be more versatile. They can adapt quickly to rapidly changing workplace situations and work well under pressure.
  • Many also have stronger leadership and teamwork skills when compared with those who have never served.
  • Another important trait is that veterans tend to be more loyal, as well, which can translate to a longer tenure with your company.
  • Veterans are also highly resilient and accustomed to travel, relocation, and working in challenging environments.

Still not sure that hiring a veteran is right for your company?

The numbers may convince you otherwise. Here’s a look at some of the incentives you may have access to if you hire a veteran:

  • Through the Vow to Hire Veterans Act of 2011, the Work Opportunity Tax Credit offers employers tax credits of up to $9,600 for each qualified veteran they hire ($6,240 for tax exempt organizations).
  • The Department of Veteran Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment offers a Special Employer Incentive program for employers who provide training and hands-on experience to veterans. Companies can receive up to 50% of a veteran’s salary during a training period for up to six months.

Need Help Hiring Veterans?

Let Future Force Personnel know. As one of the leading Dade County staffing agencies, we have staffing experts who can walk you through the process and help ensure you get the qualified talent you need, overcome your staffing challenges, and show your support for the men and women who serve our country.

Contact Future Force today to learn more.

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