Are You Sending Out “Bad Employer” Signals?

When it comes to hiring, you may think the ball is in your court. After all, the unemployment rate is inching up again and most job candidates are desperate for work, right?

Not so fast.

As one of the leading staffing agencies in Miami, Future Force can tell you that many of today’s top candidates know their skills are in demand and are willing to take their time in finding just the right opportunity. So if you’re sending out “bad employer” signals, then the best candidates simply aren’t going to choose you.

So what are some signals you could be sending – without even knowing it? Here’s a look at 5:

Signal #1: Your job postings are unclear or long-winded.

There’s nothing like an 8-page job posting to make a great candidate run screaming in the other direction. Likewise, postings that are generic, vague, dense with copy and jargon, and just plain incomprehensible will repel top candidates.

While there certainly may be specific requirements or information you need to include in your job posting, keep in mind that it’s an advertisement. That means you’re trying to attract candidates with it, not steer them away.

Signal #2: Your application system is complicated, clunky, or convoluted.

There’s nothing more annoying to a job candidate then completing a lengthy online application process, only to get an error message that their information wasn’t sent and they need to start over. This is the point where candidates give up out of sheer frustration.

Signal #3: You don’t communicate with the candidate.

Candidates understand that the hiring process can be a long one or full of surprises. What they don’t understand is when you tell them you’ll call them by next week and then don’t. Even if you still don’t have a hiring decision when you said you would, keep your candidates in the loop if you don’t want to lose them.

Signal #4: Your hiring process is too slow.

Yes, you want to make the right hiring decision. But if your hiring process goes on for months and months, it’s simply too long. Candidates don’t want to have to wonder for that long – and most won’t wait around for you as you’re scheduling the fifth round of interviews. So look for ways to streamline and speed up the process.

Signal #5: You don’t treat candidates with respect.

From showing up late, to repeatedly having to reschedule, to not being prepared, there are plenty of ways that hiring managers show a general lack of respect towards candidates…even when they don’t mean to. But for a candidate, they’ll be left wondering how a company treats its employees when it treats candidates so badly.

The bottom line is that today’s top candidates are smart, savvy, and in demand. As a result, if you’re sending the above “bad employer” signals, then you’re going to wind up with the B-team, rather than the A one.

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