Are You Sending the Wrong Message to Your New Hires?

In a perfect world, new hires would get to work on their first day with their office and computer set up, paperwork completed, and be ready to hit the ground running. In reality, though, many new hires have a boring or frustrating first day filled with forms and waiting around.

But, as one of Dade County’s top staffing agencies, Future Force knows that having a solid onboarding process in place is not only critical for positioning your new hire for success in their new job, it also sends the message that they made the right choice in accepting your offer.

So what are some components of a successful onboarding process? Here’s a look at 5:

Tip #1: Be there.

It sounds like a no brainer. And yet, many new hires arrive on the job on a day when their new boss is out of the office. Not only does this add to their stress level, it makes them feel unimportant.

Tip #2: Be prepared.

Again, this sounds like such a simple step to take. And yet, many new employees are forced to spend their first day sitting around, waiting for their office to be set up. Talk about disheartening! Instead, make sure their computer, email account, office, and any other important work tools or resources are set up and ready to go when they arrive.

Tip #3: Pair them with an office veteran.

One of the most overwhelming aspects of any new job is walking into a company full of strangers. A way to overcome related anxiety is to pair your new hire with a mentor. This person doesn’t necessarily have to mentor them on job-related duties; instead, they should show the new hire the ropes; be there to answer questions; eat lunch with them during those first few days; and help them get to know the basic routines of the office. Not only does this put your new employees at ease, but it also makes the mentors feel more valued.

Tip #4: Introduce new hires to management.

Go beyond just introducing your new employees to people in his or her department and help them make connections in other departments, particularly with those in management. Doing so will not only enable new hires to learn about company initiatives and challenges outside their specialty, but serve as a springboard for a more personal relationship with managers. When employees feel connected with company management, they’re much less likely to leave in the future.

Tip #5. Follow up.

Don’t just walk your new hire through your expectations on the first day, then walk away. Instead, set up regular progress meetings to check in with the employee, answer questions and address any concerns. These don’t need to be long or formal meetings. A casual conversation will do.

And if you’re ready to hire – but unable to find the right fit employees – give Future Force a call. As one of Dade County’s top staffing agencies, we can help by providing you with fact access to quality employees. Contact us today to learn more.

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