Why Your Retention Efforts are Failing Miserably

Ok, so the economy still isn’t great and there’s plenty of uncertainty out there. Agreed? Good, we got that out of the way.

But despite the doom and gloom, there many companies out there looking for great candidates. And there are still plenty of candidates – including some you might currently employ! – looking for new opportunities.

While this might be shocking news to some, as one of the leading staffing agencies in South Florida, Future Force knows that too many employers are assuming that they don’t need to do much in order to retain their staff. After all, who’d want to be on the job market in this economy? The answer: your employees if they’re not happy where they are. And, as you know, turnover, especially of key talent, is incredibly costly.

So you’d be wise to invest some time and effort in retention in order to ensure your staff stays on the job. You can start by avoiding these common retention mistakes:

Not providing clear expectations.

One of the quickest ways to employee disengagement is to have expectations that seem to change with the winds. For instance, one day your employees are working on completing a certain task you’ve assigned them as a priority, only to have it tabled the next day. Sound familiar? These kinds of situations send mixed signals to employees, which leads to confusion and ultimately disengagement.

Setting unattainable goals.

Another factor that leads to disengagement and turnover is setting unrealistic goals. Sure, you want your team to be ambitious, but when they’re going to have to work 12-hour days for the next three months in order to complete a project, they’re going to get frustrated and burn out.

Thinking employees will tell you when they’re unhappy.

Actually, employees almost never tell their bosses when they are unhappy. That’s typically when they start searching for a new job. And the boss finds out about it all when the employee delivers their two-week notice. So don’t ever assume employees will let you know if they’re not satisfied at work; instead, you need to seek out that information.

Not properly training managers.

One of the biggest reasons employees quit is because they don’t like or respect their immediate supervisor. Unfortunately, though, this often happens because people are placed in management roles without the proper training and support. They simply wing it and typically fail miserably as a result. Not all managers know how to manage people; it’s a skill they need to learn and develop.

Depending on employee loyalty.

In today’s world, there’s no such thing as employee loyalty. If a better opportunity comes along for an employee, then they will likely take it. That’s why it’s so important for employers to be proactive in terms of ensuring employees are engaged, motivated and satisfied at work. Otherwise, it will cost you.

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