How to Ask for Help When You’re the Manager

You’re the manager. You’re supposed to have all the answers, right? Wrong. Sometimes you need help. But, as one of the leading staffing agencies in Dade County, Future Force knows that for many managers, asking for help is akin to showing weakness. Don’t be one of them. No one has all the answers, no matter how adept. And there are actually plenty of benefits to asking for help:

  • When you ask for help, it shows that you are confident and secure in your abilities and don’t feel threatened by admitting you don’t know something.
  • In addition, getting help when you need it can improve your work and save you from making an embarrassing mistake.
  • Your employees will also follow your lead and ask for help when they need it. This can actually enable them to perform tasks faster and more accurately.

There’s something to be said about trying to resolve issues on your own. But spinning your wheels for hours or days is never productive, particularly if you can get the answers you need with a quick phone call or a five-minute conversation. So what should you say when you reach out for help? Here are some tips:

  • I’m dealing with an issue and was wondering if I could run it by you and see what you think?
  • I’m working on a project and having some trouble with X part of it. Would you mind taking a look?
  • I’m trying to do this better. Can I pick your brain to find out what you do?

Stop viewing asking for help as tantamount to weakness. Just because you’re the manager doesn’t mean you have all the answers. The next time you’re struggling with a situation or feeling in over your head, just follow the tips above. You can actually get the job done better and faster.

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