Are You Making These Amateur Mistakes on Your Resume?

Your resume gives a hiring manager the very first glimpse into who you are as a candidate. And if yours isn’t sending a professional message, defining your strengths and communicating your accomplishments, then it’s not telling hiring managers what they want to know. How can you improve yours? Here are some mistakes to avoid:

Sending a boilerplate resume.

If you copied and pasted a resume and sent it into a hiring manager, chances are that other candidates did the same. But doing so isn’t going to get you the job. Hiring managers want to know what makes you unique, why they should hire you, and your past track record. You can’t simply pull that information from the Internet and expect to get a call for an interview. Instead, you need to spend the time to create resumes tailored for each position you’re applying to.

Spelling and grammar mistakes.

One little mistake here or there probably won’t kill your chances of getting an interview. However, if your resume is full of spelling and grammar errors, you’re sending an unprofessional message to the hiring manager. To avoid this happening to you, have a friend or family member proofread your resume before you send it in.

Using unprofessional email accounts.

In today’s world, getting an email address is easy. So if your current address is, now’s the time to open another, more professional one for your job search. If you don’t, it’s going to be hard for a hiring manager to take you seriously. The same goes for your voicemail message; if it’s the one a hiring manager will be leaving a message on, then make sure it’s professional.

Giving too much or not enough information.

Your resume shouldn’t be a 5-page document that outlines every single job you ever had. However, do make sure you include your tasks, along with your accomplishments with the jobs you do list. It’s ok if your resume is two-pages; however, it shouldn’t be longer than that.

Poor references.

Are you listing your spouse or best friend as a reference? If you are – and they weren’t one of your past bosses – then you need to stop. When asked to submit references, list only those you’ve worked for and with in the past.

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