4 Ways to Boost Your Personal Productivity in 2018

Are you a manager who feels stretched thin and stressed out? Then, as one of the leading staffing agencies in Dade County, Future Force knows you can’t do your best work. The good news is that there are some resolutions you can make for 2018 that can help you get onto the right track – and stay there – for more success and productivity in 2018. Here’s a look at 4 of them:

Take better care of yourself.

When you have a busy schedule, it can be hard to find the time to take good care of yourself within it. But when you consistently go to bed late, eat junk food, don’t work out, and don’t drink plenty of water throughout the day, it’s going to impact how you feel and how productive you are. So in the New Year, aim to make some small changes in terms of your personal health. Try to work out a couple times a week, avoid soda and instead opt for water, and focus on eating smaller, more nutritional meals. You’ll feel better for it.

Set stronger boundaries.

One area that can get you into trouble and cause a lot of extra stress in your life is if you have a hard time saying “no.” When it comes to the workplace, it can be hard to say it – to your own staff and to your boss. However, the end result is that you make promises you can’t deliver on, or you take on work you don’t have the capacity to complete. It’s a recipe for anxiety and burnout. When you say “no,” though, you can get rid of distractions and instead prioritize your work in a way that enables you to be more successful – all while feeling less stressed.

Schedule fewer meetings.

Meetings are a necessary part of your workday. However, if you have too many of them scheduled, you’re going to waste time and drain energy. So aim to be more efficient with the meetings you do schedule. Also look for other ways – besides meetings – to capture and share knowledge and collaborate on new ideas, so both you and your team get more time in your day.

Delegate more.

Sometimes, there are tasks you think you’re the only qualified one to complete. In reality, though, there are likely people on your team who are more than capable of getting the job done – if you let them. Even better, if you delegate non-critical work to your employees, then you have more time and energy for focusing on priorities that can have the biggest impact on your company bottom line.

Don’t have the right people on your team to delegate to? Looking to hire in the New Year?

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