Where Can You Find Opportunities to Go Above & Beyond at Work?

Want to prove your worth in the office? You can’t simply sit back and wait for the right opportunity to come your way. Instead, you need to be proactive. Here are 4 steps to take to set yourself up for more career success, so you can get ahead at work:

Step #1: Collect and implement feedback.

Asking for feedback is awkward. After all, you might not like what you hear. However, this is an invaluable step when it comes to improving and becoming a top contributor. When you find out where your boss values you most and those areas that could use some work, you’ll know where you’re falling short and can take steps to strengthen those weaknesses.

Step #2: Anticipate your boss’ needs.

While you can’t read your boss’ mind, you can anticipate their needs and work to meet them. The best way to do that? Put yourself in their shoes. For instance, if you know they have an important meeting coming up with company stakeholders, think through all the documents and data they’ll need so you can help them thoroughly prepare.

Step #1: Advocate for your ideas for improvement.

See a problem or challenge at work? Offer an idea on how to improve it. However, before you do that, you need to build your case for your boss. Gather facts and figures related to the problem, for instance money lost or time wasted. Then explain how your idea will provide the solution, again using facts, figures and examples. If you offer a persuasive argument, your boss will likely approve your idea.

Step #4: Invest time in helping others.

You might not think you have the time. But helping others will also help you in the long run. Sure, lending a hand or an ear will make life easier for your colleagues. For you, though, it will result in more connections, stronger relationships, and the assistance you need when it’s your turn to ask.

Moving ahead in your career won’t happen overnight. However, by implementing the steps above over time, you’ll able to rise above the ranks and position yourself for more success.

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