Set the Bar: Tips for Helping Your Employees Find Success at Work

Managing a team of people? Make sure you’re setting clear and individualized goals for each and every one. When they know what you expect from them and when, they’re not only more likely to get the job done, but they’re more engaged and motivated along the way. It’s a win-win. The question is, how do you set the bar and communicate it with your staff so they’re more successful? Here are some tips from Future Force, one of the area’s leading office staffing agencies, to help you:

Communicate clearly and often.

Don’t let once-a-year evaluations be the only time you talk about goals and performance. Instead, you should be having a regular conversation with your staff about goals, as well as to discuss any areas of concern or issues related to them. That way, you can head off problems before they escalate. During these check-ins, be as clear as possible when talking about your expectations, explaining in very direct ways what you need and when, then checking for understanding.

Open a dialogue with your people.

Setting goals and expectations for your staff shouldn’t be a one-way street. Instead, there should be an open dialogue between you and each of your employees. During it, be sure to listen as much as you talk and invite your team members to share their input, ideas and opinions. This ensures that you’re on the same page when it comes to objectives and deadlines.

Talk about “the why.”

You’re communicating to your employees what you need from them individually and collectively in terms of work. But are you also explaining why? If they don’t understand the impact they’re having, then it’s harder to keep them engaged. However, when they know where they fit in and the value of their work, they’ll be more likely to stay motivated and succeed on the job.

Ask about what you can do better.

Don’t be the only one giving out feedback. Ask your employees where you can support them more, whether through training or other resources. This will not only help you to understand how they perceive you and areas where you can improve in terms of management, but it will foster stronger relationships with your people because it shows them that you care.

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