Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Tips for Improving Work Collaboration

The ability to collaborate is an important skill in the workplace. Not only does it benefit you, but your employer, too. For instance, teams that work well together are more innovative and creative when it comes to solving problems. This leads to more satisfied customers, positively impacting the company bottom line. There’s also higher morale, increased productivity and more on-the-job satisfaction, too.

At the same time, when you collaborate well, it’s a soft skill that will translate across many different industries. So wherever you are now in your career and wherever you plan to go in the future, it’s one ability that can set you apart.

But when it comes to improving upon or developing this skill in the first place, where do you begin? Here are some tips to help to:

Get out of your comfort zone.

Ask for projects that are outside of areas you normally work in. This will not only help you to gain new skills and expand your connections, but force you to put more effort into collaborating in order to make a project work.

Focus on positive communication.

Good collaboration is all about good communication. So when you’re sharing your ideas, do so in a way that’s clear and articulate. At the same time, give others the space to voice their own opinion and don’t get defensive if it differs from your own. Be willing to recognize when someone else’s idea is stronger than yours and give them credit.

Respond quickly.

When a colleague calls or emails you, make sure you respond in a timely manner. Nothing hinders collaboration more than slow responses and decisions. Instead, keep the process moving along as quickly as possible by answering questions, providing information and making decisions.

Open up the conversation.

There are likely times when you’ll have to call in a colleague for their expertise. Don’t hesitate. When you do, you’ll get the information you need, while at the same time showing your colleague that you value their abilities. At the same time, don’t hesitate to offer your own know-how to benefit the team.

Join an industry group.

You don’t simply need to stay within your company to build your collaboration skills. You can also join an industry group or volunteer on a charity board, giving you the opportunity to collaborate with a different team, make new connections and work together with others toward a shared goal.

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