Three Tips to Put Your Hiring Process on the Fast Track

When it comes to hiring, you want to make a measured decision. However, if the process is too slow, it’s going to impact the caliber of candidates you’re able to hire. If top talent has to wait too long for you to make a final choice, they’ll simply move onto other opportunities with your competitors. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, here are a few tips for speeding up your hiring process:

#1: Build a talent pipeline.

Whether you’re hiring a manager or an entry-level worker, a just-in-time strategy doesn’t cut it. You’ll be left scrambling in search of the ideal candidate, while productivity gets slowed down and morale is impacted. Instead, to quickly and successfully fill positions, focus on building relationships with candidates even when you’re not hiring. Staying engaged with them will help you to tap into this network and access candidates faster once you need to fill a position.

#2: Create a strong employer brand.

The best candidates want to work for companies with a positive reputation. So if yours could use some work, then it can impact the quality of talent you’re able to attract. Some areas to focus on include your career website, as well as your social media profile pages. Make sure you’re clearly defining your brand, discussing culture and innovation at your company, and making it easy for applicants to search your open jobs and submit their resume.

#3: Make the experience a positive one for candidates.

One of the biggest complaints among job seekers involves the way they’re treated during the hiring process. Oftentimes, they’re left in the dark, waiting and wondering if they’ll ever get a call. This leaves behind a negative impression, which they can easily vent about online to friends and family. To avoid this, make the experience a positive one for everyone, even the candidates you don’t hire. Stay in regular communication with them, update them on progress, and inform them immediately if they don’t get the job.

Another way to speed up hiring at your company is to connect with past candidates and ask them about their experience. They’ll tell you why they turned down your offer or what areas need improvement. Once you better understand their experience, you’ll be able to perfect your hiring process.

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