Tips for Improving Your Warehouse Team’s Productivity

You need your warehouse to be as productive as possible. When it is, orders get out the door quickly, customers are happy and profits get a boost. However, when productivity is down, it can have a big impact on bottom line results. So if your team could use an improvement in this area, what can you do? Here are some tips to help you:

Focus on employee communication.

Changes in warehouse slotting are common. However, the difference in whether they’re a game-changer or not is how you communicate. If you don’t give enough detail or give so much that it becomes burdensome, then it’s going to be overwhelming for your workers. Instead, aim to communicate the critical details as quickly as possible to successfully complete the order.

Motivate your workers.

Tasks and orders can get tedious for your workers. That’s why it’s important to have plans and programs in place to incentivize them, so they stay motivated when they’re on the job. This can include anything from a rewards system to incentive pay. Whatever you do, though, it should encourage your workers to improve workflow and productivity.

Keep them comfortable.

Working in a warehouse can be tedious and tiring. But there are steps you can take to make it more comfortable and enjoyable for your workers, thereby boosting productivity in the process. For instance, soft flooring can make standing for long periods easier. Likewise, offering access to a kitchen and healthy drinks and snacks can keep your team energized.

Invest in equipment upgrades.

You don’t have an unlimited budget when it comes to your equipment. However, if you buy used equipment that’s dated or a cheaper version, you’re going to pay for it with your productivity numbers. You can’t expect your staff to be as efficient as possible when the equipment they’re using is constantly breaking down or isn’t working adequately.

Commit to a maintenance plan.

Even if you have the most advanced equipment, it will break down at some point. This can lead to downtime and lost productivity. However, you can limit this with a scheduled maintenance plan in place so machines are regularly inspected and serviced. This will cut down on the instances of this happening and provide you with a plan to follow when it does.

Focus on safety and limit errors.

Productivity can take a big hit when safety is an issue. In fact, countless hours and dollars can be lost when there’s an accident or injury on the job. That’s why it pays to keep your workers and workplace safe through a safety program. Likewise, strive to limit errors by using technology that enables you to identify them and then trim the waste caused by lost or misplaced products and other inaccuracies.

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