6 Red Flags That Signal It’s Time to Quit Your Job

Has a bad day at work extended into a bad week or month? Are you thinking that it’s time to make a move and find something you feel good about? If you’re experiencing these six signs, then break out your resume and start polishing it for your job search ahead:

You hate going to work every single day.

It’s not a once in a while thing or during a stressful project. Every night you have that same feeling of dread and each morning you feel sick about going to work. These are clear signs that you need something different and it’s time to make a change.

Your physical health is taking a hit.

When you’re not happy at work, it can do a lot more than impact your mood. It can take a toll on you physically, leading to stress-related conditions. For instance, you might have insomnia or be sleeping too much. You also could find yourself stress eating or not eating enough. When your job is impacting your health in this way, then you need to put your wellness first.

You want a promotion, but there’s no room for advancement.

Whether your company is a small one or there are other more qualified people in line, the chances of you moving ahead in the organization are slim to none. But if you know you have the right skills and abilities to move up, then try doing it with a different employer.

You’re in a negative environment.

You come to work each day to a culture filled with gossip and backstabbing. Your boss regularly changes course without any warning and your co-workers are always fighting. When there’s constant tension and conflict at work, it leads to one thing: stress. It’s not worth sacrificing your happiness to stay on the job.

You’re constantly venting about your job.

Complaining once in a while is one thing. But when it becomes all you talk about, it’s a sign that your career is overtaking your life in a negative way. While no job is perfect, there should be more positives than negatives.

You’re ready for a change.

Whether it’s new job duties or a completely different industry, you know you’re ready for something new. Changing careers or industries is more and more common these days and if you’ve lost your passion and drive in your current position, then move in a direction that you feel good about.

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