Here’s What It Takes to be a Grocery Merchandiser

So you want to be a grocery merchandiser? Or perhaps you’ve heard it’s a good career, but aren’t really ensure what it entails. You’ll need more than a positive attitude and a strong work ethic.

Merchandisers are essentially responsible for the products you see in stores from the point when they’re delivered until they’re sold off the shelf. This means they’re in charge of product appearance and promotion in order to increase sales.

When it comes to the daily responsibilities of a grocery merchandiser, they can include:

  • Working with a range of product vendors along with store management to strategize and executive promotions and product placement.
  • Managing product inventory and placement throughout the store, including organizing each shelf and setting up displays.
  • Creating and executing promotional campaigns, including advertising signs throughout the store, based on customer data and trends.
  • Evaluating sales figures, developing reports and presenting details to the store leadership team.

In terms of qualifications, it’s not a requirement for a merchandiser to have a college degree; however, a high school diploma or GED is typically a must. Experience is also usually preferred in either marketing or business, as well as retail. Beyond that, other skills that are essential for a job as a grocery merchandiser include:

  • Creativity. This is important when it comes to developing campaigns and promotional materials that will appeal to the customer base and encourage them to purchase certain products.
  • Organizational. There are many different details that a grocery merchandiser has to manage in a day and often across multiple stores, which is why being organized is important.
  • Knowledgeable. It’s also vital for a grocery merchandiser to be on top of the latest sales trends, predictions and forecasts when it comes to product placement and promotions.
  • Communication. A big part of the job involves communicating. whether it’s your goals and expectations to your staff; results and strategies to the leadership team; or plans and sales figures to vendors, suppliers and other stores.
  • Stress management. The job of a grocery merchandiser can be stressful. Trends and options are constantly changing and it’s up to you to stay ahead of the competition to help drive sales.

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