Question Time: Why Should We Hire You?

The interview experience is a stressful one for candidates. Not only do you have to appear polished and professional, but you have to persuade the hiring manager you’re the obvious choice. So when they ask questions about why they should hire you, how do you respond? Here are some tips to help you ace your answer and stand out in the process:

Talk about why you’re interested in the position.

For many candidates, this will be just another job interview. But if this is THE position you really want to land, explain why. Tell the hiring manager what stands out to you about the opportunity and the company, why you want to work there and the value you can offer if hired. This way, you’re tying your interest, enthusiasm and background all to the company and its needs, making you an apparent choice in the process.

Share what makes you different or unique.

When the hiring manager asks why they should hire you, explain what you can offer to them that no one else can. Do you have a specialized skill set, fresh perspective, different ability or any other advantage that sets you apart? Then talk about it with the hiring manager. When you show them what you offer that others don’t, you’ll be a more memorable candidate when it comes time to make the hiring decision.

Cover what you know about the company.

Another way to answer the question is to discuss what you know about the company. Talk about the business, the challenges it’s facing and how you could contribute to a solution if hired. Obviously, you can only take this approach if you’ve done your homework and conducted research about the company. But diving deeper and connecting your abilities to the employer’s current challenges is a great way to demonstrate that you’re a fit.

For more tips and advice on answering common interview questions, check out this blog post from Future Force. If you’d like additional help finding your next job, our team is here for you, too. As one of the leading staffing agencies in Orlando, FL, our recruiters are experts in helping candidates like you find and secure positions that are a great fit for them. So if you’re ready for an easier process, contact us today!


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