Avoid Putting This on Your Resume

Your resume is your ticket into the interview process. If you don’t submit a strong one, then don’t expect a call back from a hiring manager. So what are some ways you could be sabotaging those offers for interviews? If you’re including the following three things on your resume, then hiring managers will think twice about you:

#1: Personal Information

Beyond your name and contact information, you shouldn’t be including any personal information. This means leaving off your date of birth, marital status, whether you have kids, height and weight, a personal photo, and hobbies and interests. The only time to include the latter is if it is directly related to the position you’re applying to. Otherwise, keep your personal information off your resume and keep it completely professional instead.

#2: Irrelevant Information

When you’re applying for a job, you want to make your resume as relevant as possible. So if you’re submitting your resume for a professional position, leave off the high school you attended and your GPA. Also, if you have work experience beyond a college degree, you don’t need to include your college coursework. Likewise, leave off an unrelated work experience, like those babysitting jobs you had or the summer you delivered pizzas.

Keep in mind, your resume is a marketing document, and you’re trying to entice the hiring manager to contact you for an interview. The best way to do that is to demonstrate to them why you’re the exact right fit for their role.

#3: Anything Untrue

Your resume needs to be honest. If you’re exaggerating the skills you have or the amount of experience, you’re not only being dishonest, but putting yourself in a tricky situation. For instance, if you do get hired based on the skills you “said” you had on your resume, and in the interview, then you’re going to have a hard time performing on the job.

In addition, when a hiring manager is considering a candidate, they’ll typically vet them thoroughly, talking to past employers. As a result, the truth will often come out and will only hurt you if you lie. It’s best to be honest and take your time to find the right-fit job for you.

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