Why Are Referrals Often the Best Hires?

Finding the right people for your open positions is always a challenge. There’s a lot to consider when you’re searching and a lot on the line. When you post a job, you’ll often get flooded with applications, many from those who aren’t even a fit. Is there a better way to connect with more qualified candidates, so you can streamline the process and find the workers you need faster?

The answer’s easy with a referral program. When it comes to finding top talent, your existing employees are often the best source. Here’s why.

They know qualified individuals.

Your team members likely have friends, connections, and colleagues outside the company who are hard-working, talented and skilled. Not only that, but they won’t recommend just anybody. They’ll only refer you to those people they trust. So when an employee referral comes in, you can presume it’s typically someone who is worth pursuing.

It’s a more efficient way to hire.

When you have a referral program in place, you can reach out to your team and inquire about potential candidates. Let them know the criteria and qualifications you’re looking for, so they can provide you with the best-fit possibilities. You can also ask them to broadcast your job opening to their social media network. This not only provides you with faster access to a qualified talent pool, but one that comes at virtually no cost to you.

You’ll find those who are a better cultural fit.

Another benefit of employee referrals involves retention. Since your existing employees know your company culture inside and out, they’ll only refer those they believe will be a strong fit. Not only that, but most employee referrals are passive candidates. These are people who aren’t necessarily looking for a new job, but would be willing to make a move for the right one. This gives you access to a unique pool of hidden talent.

You’ll get more insight into each candidate.

Since you know the person referring to them, you can ask more about the candidate’s personality, work ethic, and other important considerations. You’ll get a better sense of what’s behind the mask of each candidate, so you can discern whether they’re the right fit for you. Once you do hire, you can make a decision with more confidence and peace of mind.

Each candidate will be truly interested in your opportunity.

Expect the candidate to have asked your referral source about your company and the job opening. This means they have insider information about your culture, leadership team, benefits and perks, and more. It also means they likely think they’re a good match for the opportunity and are eager to learn more about it.

The majority of companies report their most successful hiring initiative often involves a referral program. It not only gives them access to better talent, but at a significantly lower cost than any other recruiting source. It simply makes sense to use existing employees as a referral resource if you want to maintain your competitive edge.

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