Are You Hiring for Trainability?

There’s no such thing as the perfect candidate. However, some candidates are better than others. One quality that can make a candidate more attractive versus another is trainability. This means they’re eager to learn and have the capacity to gain the skills they need to succeed in your position.

So during the hiring process, how do you find those individuals who are more trainable than the rest? Here are some signs to look for:

Problem-solving skills.

If someone is good at solving problems, this indicates a high intelligence and level of cognition. This means they have the reason, logic, and focus necessary to solve problems. When you’re looking for a candidate with solid problem-solving skills, ask about a situation they’ve solved in the past on the job. This will give you some insight into how well they spot problems and create solutions.

A desire to learn.

Another key trait to look out for when hiring for trainability is a desire to learn. Look for those candidates who have continuing education on their resume or who have gone above and beyond to earn additional degrees or certifications. During the interview process, also ask each candidate about their hobbies and interests. Inquire about what they’re reading and how they stay up-to-date in their industry.

A positive attitude.

Those who showcase a positive attitude are generally going to be easier to train. If they’re enthusiastic and seem excited about the opportunity, it’s more likely they’ll succeed in a training program and on the job. If, however, they’re more negative, they can approach training programs with dread or even contempt, adding up to a waste of time for you both.

Passion and drive.

When a candidate is passionate about their work and driven to succeed, they’ll not only be more open to training, but get more from the experience. They’ll also follow through on the promises, show up on time, and be the prompt, reliable employee who is an asset to your organization.

When you’re hiring, it’s important to find someone who has a strong skill set. However, don’t count out the importance of trainability. Skills can be learned, but things like attitude, passion, and problem solving are often innate and can mean one particular candidate is your next great hire over another.

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