Interview Question Prep: “Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job?”

When it comes to job interviews, there are many questions that are tricky to answer. One, in particular, is about why you’re leaving your current position. You want to be honest; however, if it’s because you don’t like your boss or the place where you work, it could be awkward to say this.

How can you answer this interview question in a way that’s authentic without sabotaging the chance of you getting the offer? Here are some tips to help you:

Know why they’re asking.

When an employer asks this question, it’s more than just out of curiosity. They want to know if you’re a team player, get along with others, have a positive attitude, and are leaving the position on good terms. In other words, they are trying to gauge what kind of employee you’d be if hired.

Frame your response right.

Even if you can’t stand your boss or have issues with co-workers, don’t bring these up during the interview. Instead, frame the situation in a more positive manner. To do this, talk about where you want to go in your career and how you aren’t able to achieve those goals in your current career.

For instance, you can say:

“I’ve learned so much in my current role and am ready to put that knowledge to use in a more advanced position. However, there’s currently no room for growth in my company.”

Avoid negative answers.

Whatever you do say, make sure you’re not badmouthing your boss or talking in a way that makes you come across as difficult to work with. Avoid emotions and personal responses and instead, simply be honest that you’re ready for a new opportunity in a different environment.

Avoid bringing up money.

If salary is the top reason you’re leaving, don’t come out and say you want to earn more. Instead, talk about how you’re ready for a more advanced role with additional responsibility. Also, discuss how you’re eager for a new start and would like to work for a company that offers more of a chance for growth.

Practice your answer.

You don’t need to repeat your answer line for line. However, when you know what you’re going to say to this question when it comes your way, you won’t get nervous. You can simply answer it calmly and with confidence and then move on to discussing why your background is a good fit for the job.

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