Overcome Your Job Search Procrastination

You want a new job. Yet, the thought of tackling your resume, updating your LinkedIn profile, and juggling all those other job search to-do’s can be overwhelming. If it’s leading you to procrastinate and avoid it altogether, what can you do to get motivated? Here are some tips to help:

Start small.

Instead of thinking about all you have to do before you start searching and commit a little time each day to your efforts during the hunt. For instance, set aside one hour every afternoon and use it to start on your job search. Once the hour is up, you can walk away from it until the next day. This way, there’s less intimidation and stress about beginning, and you’ll simply dig right in, knowing the clock is ticking.

Think big.

If you’re thinking about a job search, there’s a reason. Perhaps you’re not happy with your current position. Maybe you don’t get along with your boss or co-workers. Whatever the case, focus on it and think about how you’d feel in a job you really love. When you give yourself time and space to dream about the right-fit opportunity, you’ll oftentimes find the motivation to take that first step.

Tell your family.

When you tell your spouse, family, or friends about your job search, ask them to hold you accountable. That way, you’ll have people who are inquiring about progress and asking about updates. Once you’re held to account, you’ll often find more motivation, so you’re not constantly putting off job search tasks. If you have a friend or family member who’s also on the search for a new job, buddy up and keep each other motivated.

Set an end date.

It usually takes several months to find a new job. However, that sounds nebulous. Instead, set an end goal, so you have a timeframe to work within. For instance, if you start your job search September 1st, aim to have a new one by December 31st. This will give you the time you need to handle all those job search tasks while also putting a little pressure on you to feel motivated.

Work with a staffing agency.

If you’re still having a hard time getting started, call in the experts at a staffing agency. When you do, they can keep you on task and on target so that you can find a new job faster. You’ll have someone giving your feedback about your resume, offering interview prep tips, and holding you accountable. They’ll also help you stay positive, patient, and moving forward, until you find your next great job.

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