Stop Wishing Your Days Away

Have you reached a point where you can’t wait for every day to be over? Are you tired, run down, and sick of your routine? Instead of wishing each day away, find more joy and balance in it. To do that:

Limit screen time.

As much as you love your phone, it could be taking away from your mental health and well-being. This is especially true if you’re constantly notified about every update on all the apps you have. Turn the push notifications off and set some boundaries about how and when you use your phone. You’ll find more time to spend doing things you enjoy or with people you love, enhancing your life in the process.

Delegate tasks you don’t have to handle.

If there are tasks you hate at work that you can have an assistant perform, ask them to do that. Are there chores at home, like cleaning or cutting the lawn, you could likewise delegate? Hire a company.

Many times, demands can add up to so much responsibility it sucks the joy from life. When you delegate some of these non-essentials chores, you can get more time and freedom in your life and have more energy too.

If you don’t usually take breaks during the day, it’s time to start. Likewise, if it’s been years since your last vacation, begin planning now. Everyone needs down time and vacation days in order to rest and recharge. Without them, it’s easy to grow stressed, burned out and unhappy.

Get active.

Whether you join a gym, take a class, or simply take a walk, commit to being more active. This can help your physical health and your mental well-being. It can also help you to cope with issues from stress and depression to anxiety and more. This is because exercise and activity release norepinephrine, which helps your brain handle stress.

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