Job Quiz: Is Remote Work Right for You?

In theory, remote work sounds like a great opportunity. And it is for many who savor the peace and quiet of working from home, reporting even higher productivity in this setting.

However, for other workers, the reality is far different. After some time working remotely, they realize that they’d rather be back in the office, where the action is.

So which group do you fall into? Here’s a short quiz to help you figure it all out and choose the right job in your search.

1. Are you self-directed?

a) No, I get distracted easily and need to be around others (like my boss!) to remain focused.

b) It depends on the situation and the project I’m working on.

c) Yes, I am very focused and not distracted easily at home with laundry or the TV.

2. Do you like working independently or as part of a team?

a) I like being on a team, collaborating with others, since I tend to be more extroverted.

b) I like a mix of both, working with other team members on some projects, and handling other tasks alone.

c) I like being alone and would rather work independently, apart from others.

3. Are you good at setting boundaries?

a) No, I often take on more work than I can really handle at any given time. I don’t like saying “no.”

b) I think so, but it’s an area I’m sure I could improve upon.

c) Yes, I believe clear boundaries are essential to maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

4. How do you like to communicate?

a) I prefer in-person conversations and meetings when it comes to working and discussing projects.

b) I don’t really have a preference and will tend to use whatever channel my boss wants me to.

c) I prefer email and texting to in-person communication and can effectively communicate via writing.

Answer key:

If you answered with mostly a’s, then remote work might not be ideal for you. You thrive on in person interaction and being part of a team. When you’re in the workplace, you can be your best self and do your best work.

If you answered mostly b’s, then a hybrid schedule could be a good fit for you. You might want to work in the office two days a week and from home three days, or vice versa.

If you answered with mostly c’s, then you’re likely a remote worker! You thrive at home in a more quiet environment and are self-directed and focused. You also prefer to communicate in writing versus in-person, making remote work a fit for you.

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