Encouraging Your B+ Worker Into an A+ Employee

Building a strong team is critical to business success. However, with so many different personalities from various backgrounds, this can be a big challenge. Those top performers are easy to manage, delivering consistently excellent results. But what about your B+ team? You know you can rely on them for a decent performance.

But is there room for improvement? Always. Here are tips for encouraging those good workers to develop into great ones.

Identify what’s holding them back.

When it comes to improving an employee, it’s first important to identify what’s holding them back. It could be due to personality traits, a lack of resources, or even personal issues at home. If, however, you want to get the most from your workers, you need to identify those problems and provide solutions to move forward.

Share your vision.

If you think a particular worker has the potential to take the next step in their career in time, share your vision with them. A clear vision with a plan for long-term goals is important to talk about with each worker individually. It allows you to demonstrate your confidence in them, gives them room to grow, and provides the roadmap for getting there.

Broaden their horizons.

Whether it’s team-building exercises, lunch and learns, guest lectures, or online classes, giving your workers access to different opportunities can expose them to new ideas and broaden their horizons in the process.
Another way to do this is by offering a mentoring program where you pair junior employees with more senior ones. The veteran employees will be able to help guide younger workers, transferring knowledge, imparting skills, and offering insight and feedback in the process.

Give them a stretch assignment.

A stretch assignment is a unique and challenging experience that helps your employee develop new skills, on-the-job. It will help them put their innovation, creativity, and hard work to the test. At the same time, it will enable them to gain different abilities, meet new contacts in the company, and grow in self-confidence as they complete the project.

Communicate often.

If you put an employee on a management or leadership track, it’s important to stay in touch with them. Communicate with them regularly, whether in person, over the phone, or through a remote meeting.
However you approach it, regular touchpoints will help you to address concerns and learn about challenges before they escalate. It will also help you keep that individual on track, so they can achieve the long-term goals you set forth for them.

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