Interview Question Prep: “Tell Me About Yourself”

Interview Question Prep: "Tell Me About Yourself" | Future Force Personnel

Whatever field you’re interviewing for or your level of experience, you will probably be asked to talk about yourself during the hiring process. This can be an uncomfortable experience for many people because they don’t know what areas to focus on. Yet, it should be easy to answer. After all, you know yourself far better than anyone else.

So why is it so hard to talk about yourself?

Because it’s such a big question. Where do you even start to explain yourself and your background? If you’re asked this question without any preparation, you’re probably going to wonder what the hiring manager wants to know. As a result, you might talk incessantly or, on the other hand, completely freeze.

The good news is that by preparing in advance, you can actually nail this question and stand out among other job candidates. Here are some tips from our office staffing agency:

How Should You Answer, “Tell Me About Yourself” in an Interview?

Focus on the past, present and future.

Talk briefly about your previous experience or education, discuss what you are currently doing, and then move on into why you’re ready for a change and what you’re looking for in a new role. Don’t talk about your personal hobbies, where you grew up, or your family. Stick directly to your career and cover these three areas.

Talk about a milestone or important point in your life.

Another way to answer this question is to discuss why you’re looking for a new job or why you’re working in your current field. Perhaps you had a certain experience that led you to the industry you work in. Or maybe there’s a reason why you’re passionate about the particular company you’re interviewing with. Whatever the case, telling a quick story is another excellent way to answer this question and make a strong impression.

Answer it differently for each employer.

When you’re interviewing for a different position, you might discuss your past and present in the same way, but talk about future goals differently. Or you might want to tweak everything you discuss. Just make sure whatever you’re talking about is relevant in some way to the company or the position.

To respond appropriately, spend some time researching the company online and looking into similar positions in the field. This will help you to better understand what’s important to the role, so you can tie your background into it when asked this question.

Be clear and concise.

Don’t discuss your whole life or your entire career. Instead, offer a brief answer, not a short biography. Otherwise, you’ll bore the interviewer and they will simply tune you out. Since this question is often an ice breaker, opening question, then it’s not going to get you off to the best start. It’s why keeping your answer short and sweet is so important, providing an answer that’s around one to two minutes maximum.

Keep it positive.

Whatever you do, don’t focus on any negative areas in your career, like getting fired or the toxic boss you’re trying to escape. Instead, make sure your answer is positive and enthusiastic, so you make the best impression possible.

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