Tired of Being Ghosted? Use These Strategies to Reduce Candidate Ghosting

Tired of Being Ghosted? Use These Strategies to Reduce Candidate Ghosting | Future Force Personnel

When it comes to ghosting, it probably brings online dating or blind dates to mind. However, today, more and more employers report being ghosted by candidates. They find someone great to hire and extend an offer, only to never hear from the candidate again. Unfortunately, recruiting isn’t as predictable as it once was with 95% of employers reporting being ghosted when surveyed by LinkedIn.

The good news is you can avoid being ghosted, so you can find and hire the people you need. Here’s what to do to avoid this frustrating trend.

How Can You Help Prevent Candidate Ghosting?

Communicate openly and often with candidates.

In the past, candidates have been left in the dark after sending in a resume or interviewing. Now, they’re turning the tables on employers. Avoid being a victim of ghosting by communicating with candidates. Set up an auto-response for resumes that are sent in. Explain to candidates what they can expect during the process. Discuss next steps and let them know right away if they didn’t get the job. Focus on creating a positive candidate journey for everyone.

Follow up when you don’t hear back.

If you email a candidate and don’t hear back, don’t assume you’ve been ghosted. Instead, wait a few days and then follow up. They could be busy or your email might have gone to their spam filter. It’s best to follow up with a phone call to let the candidate know what’s going on in the hiring process.

Focus on people, not resumes.

Make the hiring process more people-focused. Put each candidate at ease during interviews by asking open-ended questions and talking about their career goals in a conversational way. Try to focus on getting to know them and building a rapport, so you can get a better sense of whether they’re a fit for your company. At the same time, they’ll feel more comfortable and respected, creating a more positive experience for them – one in which they are less likely to ghost you.

If you’ve experienced ghosting a lot, consider it a red flag that your company’s hiring process needs some work. Evaluate it and even reach back out to those candidates who ghosted you to ask about their experience and try to find out where things are getting off track.

Need help improving your candidate experience?

Turn to the team at Future Force. As one of Orlando, FL’s top staffing agencies, we’ll keep you from getting ghosted, so you can find and hire the people you need. Contact us today to learn more.


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