Trending Benefits Companies Are Offering in 2022

Trending Benefits Companies Are Offering in 2022 | Future Force Personnel

The benefits you offer are crucial to retention. In fact, according to reports, when given the choice, employees often want better benefits over pay raises. Health insurance and retirement packages are essential. However, there are many other perks that are trending in 2022 that will not only help you keep your best workers, but attract new ones to your company. These include:

What Benefits are Companies Offering in 2022?

Free gym membership.

When your employees put in a solid workday, heading to the gym after can help them de-stress and stay in shape. This is good for your team, your company and your bottom line. When your employees are healthier, they’re happier, too which can improve productivity and loyalty.

A wellness program.

Another trending benefit is to offer wellness programs. This can be anything from encouraging healthier behaviors, like taking walks on lunch breaks, to stocking the break room with healthy snacks and drinks, offering access to mental health and financial counseling, and scheduling on-site yoga classes. Your wellness program should be designed around your unique workforce and what’s important to them.

Flexible scheduling.

In today’s workplace, flex hours, hybrid work, and telecommuting are becoming the norm. If your company isn’t offering this benefit, then you could lose your competitive edge. So work with your team to create options that are a fit for your company and their needs and lifestyles, as well. Ultimately, offering the opportunity to work a flexible schedule enables your team to achieve a better quality of life – which is key to retention.

A home office budget.

Another perk related to flexible scheduling is to offer your employees discounts or a budget for creating a home office. For instance, there are programs that enable you to set a spending limit and allow employees to shop for home office supplies, technology, furniture, and more, so they can hit the ground running during their work time at home.

Tuition reimbursements.

The cost of a college education just keeps going up. If your employees are dealing with debt, help them to pay it off with tuition reimbursements. This can not only put them on more solid financial footing but be a big incentive for new college recruits or entry-level employees you’re trying to attract.

Paid parental leave.

Many times, professional women feel like they have to choose between a family and a career. However, if you lose a star employee because they’re not able to take the time off they need after a baby, it’s your loss. Instead, aim to amp up your paid parental leave program. This will lead to less stressed, more loyal employees, and a higher performing team when they return.

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