How to Retain High Performers & Support Vital Employees

How to Retain High Performers & Support Vital Employees | Future Force Personnel

While many companies focus on recruiting top employees, little is invested in actually retaining them. If this sounds familiar, it’s time for a change. Retaining talent with today’s worker shortage is crucial to your company’s stability and success.

To help you keep your high performers on staff and happy, put the following tips to use.

How Can You Retain High Performers and Support Vital Employees?

Challenge them with stretch assignments.

Those people who are the movers and shakers at your company don’t want to stay in the same position forever. They’ll get bored and grow disengaged. Avoid this by challenging them with high-visibility, stretch assignments.

These are projects or tasks that are beyond their current skill level or knowledge base and that will require them to stretch in order to complete it. Oftentimes, throughout such an assignment, an employee is challenged to grow and develop in new ways. They might make mistakes along the way, which is simply part of the process and will help them to learn.

Offer opportunities for learning and development.

Beyond stretch assignments, other ways to retain key staff are through opportunities where they can learn new skills or sharpen existing ones. This can include anything from offering certification courses or employee training programs to hosting seminars or brown bag lunches, or paying for them to participate in online classes or industry conferences. Discuss with your employees the key areas where you want to see them grow and what interests them most, so they have a voice in their own career development.

Connect them with a mentor.

A mentor can help guide your high-performing employees in a number of ways. These can be a key part of your succession planning efforts and also help to ensure your top employees have a seasoned professional they can turn to for knowledge and advice.

Keep in mind, not every top-level executive will serve as a good mentor. You need those who are willing to be a mentor and also be open about their experience and expertise, as well as eager to help another individual develop and reach their potential.

Communicate with them.

Talk with your employees and ask them where they see themselves in the future. Discuss their career goals, interests, and areas where they want to learn and grow. Check-in with them on a regular basis to see how the development efforts are going. This will further motivate them toward reaching their goals.

Get help with recruiting.

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Are Retaining High Performers and Supporting Employees?

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