Taking Care of Your Mental Health While Working a Light Industrial Job

Taking Care of Your Mental Health While Working a Light Industrial Job | Future Force Personnel

If you have the flu or break a bone, you call in sick. What happens if you’re anxious and depressed? Mental health issues are becoming more and more prevalent in today’s cultural conversations, and they are something you should address if you’re struggling, especially if you work in a light industrial job.

In fact, in 2017, Mental Health America published a report that analyzed the mental health scores of 19 industries in the U.S. Manufacturing was at the bottom, coming in at 10% of industries in terms of mental wellness.

Why is mental health an issue in manufacturing? According to experts, the reason is due to the repetitive nature of the job, combined with the added pressure to work long hours and meet productivity goals. There often isn’t enough time to relax and rest between shifts, with mental health taking a hit in the process.

Not only can mental health issues impact your ability to do the job, meet goals, and collaborate with others, it can put you life at risk. The good news? You don’t have to suffer in silence. There are ways to get back on the road to recovery while you’re on the job, including the following.

How Can You Take Care of Your Mental Health While Working?

Take a break.

Take quick breaks during your shift and go for a walk around the workplace. Even go outside if you can. Make sure you’re also always taking your lunch or dinner break and other breaks when you have them. This gives you time rest your mind and body, so you feel more relaxed. If you’re stressed out in between breaks, take a step away from your workstation and take a few deep breaths in and out and stretch for a few moments.

Eat healthy snacks and hydrate.

During your breaks, it might be tempting to grab a soda or bag of chips. Instead, try to eat healthy snacks and stay hydrated with plenty of water. You’ll have more energy and feel better both on and off your shift.

Build a healthy support system.

If you have friends at work, talk to them about your struggles. Also, reach out to family or friends outside of work. If necessary, talk to a counselor. They can shed light onto why you’re feeling the way you are and how to cope. If there are negative people in your life, causing toxic situations, now’s a good time to create boundaries that cut them out.

Get help when needed.

If part of your struggles is due to being overworked, talk to your boss. Ask about which tasks are priorities and let them know if their expectations or turnaround times aren’t realistic and why. Delegate work where you can and also shift your perspective. Sometimes good is good enough when you’re facing a difficult time.

Give yourself a break.

Don’t be hard on yourself. If someone else told you they were feeling the way you are now, you’d probably react with compassion. Do yourself a favor and do the same. Don’t speak harsh words to yourself or let negative thoughts get out of control. Instead, be kind to yourself.

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