3 Team Building Activities to Motivate Employees

3 Team Building Activities to Motivate Employees | Future Force Personnel

Offering the best products or services doesn’t matter much if you don’t have a strong team standing behind it all. It’s why team building is critical. Not only does it affect customer service, but also retention too. Many times, workers leave companies for greener pastures when they don’t feel like part of the team. Instead, they’re disconnected and lacking loyalty, leading to a lot of turnovers.

However, while many companies have good intentions surrounding team building, they fall short in the process when it comes to trying to engage people and create dynamic, innovative teams. Reasons range from lack of time to lack of resources and more.

Yet, team building can be simple if you take the right approach. Here are three easy ways to build a smart, winning team:

What Team Building Activities Can Help Motivate Employees?

#1: Eating together.

Schedule a team breakfast or lunch, where you sit, have a meal, and talk about more than just work. When your people are getting to know each other, around a table and in a more casual setting, they will forge deeper relationships. This will impact the team dynamic in the process, building a sense of camaraderie among your staff. Try to get together at least once a quarter, bringing in the food and hosting the meal.

#2: Shadowing across departments.

Your team should be doing more than working with each other, but with those in other departments within the company. When there’s more understanding and cohesion between teams across an organization, it can lead to enhanced clarity, new connections, different opportunities, and better outcomes.

To do this, pair each of your team members up with those from other departments and allow them to spend the day or simply the morning or afternoon with them. If you can’t devote this amount of time, then host a lunch-and-learn once a month and invite other departments to come in and educate your team about what they do. This will foster education, innovation, and new relationships.

#3: Volunteer as a group.

Another way to build a strong team? Go offsite to volunteer together. This can benefit your team, your company, and a local non-profit. It allows your people to put their abilities to use in new ways and work together in different capacities.

As a result, they can expand their horizons and build stronger relationships with each other. Over time, doing this regularly helps to not only create a sense of rapport with one another, but also leads to a healthier, happier team culture.

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