Is Flexibility Possible in a Light Industrial Job?

Is Flexibility Possible in a Light Industrial Job? | Future Force Personnel

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how many companies operate, and employees work. However, when it comes to light industrial, you often need all hands on deck to get the job done.

Yet, with health and wellness – and work-life balance – at the forefront of many manager’s minds, is there a way to make flexibility a part of what you offer to your employees? There are a few options to do this in the world of light industrial.

Is There Flexibility When You Work a Light Industrial Job?

Create part-time positions.

This way, workers have the option to work on a part-time, more flexible basis and can take advantage of shorter shifts. It can make the difference between high retention and a lot of turnovers.

Allow for shift-swapping.

Allow your employees to swap shifts if they need to when something comes up. Giving them the autonomy to do this not only sends the message you trust them, it also allows them to have more control over their lives.

Be flexible with start time.

If you can, allow some flexibility with when employees start a shift. This can help them to maintain more balance in their lives, so they can handle other personal obligations.

For instance, if you have a worker with young children, allow them to start once they drop their kids off at school. Even just a half hour can make a world of difference for a worker who’s struggling to balance work and family demands.

Offer condensed workweeks.

Another way to add flexibility to your light industrial jobs is with a four-day work schedule. For instance, allow each worker to work four, 10-hour days each week, rather than five days. This can provide more flexibility to their life, so they can maintain more balance.

Ask for their voice in your PTO policy.

Rather than simply creating a policy and telling employees about it, ask for their input. Bringing them into the conversation will ensure that whatever the company develops meets their needs. Small changes and tweaks can make a big difference in the lives of your workers. But you won’t know unless you ask.

Work with a temporary hiring agency.

A temporary hiring agency, like Future Force, can help you to maintain a more flexible workforce by giving you access to temporary employees. When full-time team members take time off, you can tap our recruiters for a short-term replacement. This helps keep operations running smoothly without adding to fixed overhead.

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