7 Ways a Manager Can Become a Better Leader

Ways a Manager Can Become a Better Leader | Future Force Personnel

Being a manager doesn’t automatically translate into being a leader. Managing is a task, while leadership is a combination of positive values, a clear vision, good communication skills, and understanding your team’s dynamics, so you know how to motivate each individual.

Anyone can be a manager, yet being a good leader is more challenging. So how can you improve your leadership skills and better manage  your team? Here are a few tips to equip you:

How Can a Manager Be a Better Leader?


You shouldn’t be spending your time and energy on tasks that others on your team can handle. Likewise, don’t micromanage every detail of the day. Instead, delegate work to the right staff members and focus on bigger-picture objectives. You’ll be more successful as a leader and have a happier team with more autonomy.


A strong leader is a good communicator. This means not only talking, but knowing when to listen. It’s also important to approach each team member in a personalized way, communicating with them using the medium and messaging that is most effective.

Have a clear vision.

If you don’t have a clear vision, you can’t lead, and your team will flounder. Also, make sure your vision is clear to not only you, but your staff, as well. Set goals and expectations with each and every staff member, both individually as well as team-wide.

Be a good example.

As a leader, you should be setting the tone, not dictating rules. So be a good example. Have a positive attitude, encourage others, embrace different ideas and work styles, and ultimately work toward being a role model your employees can trust and respect. This will not only build a strong team, but a more motivated and loyal one.

Always be learning.

Even if you’ve achieved your ultimate career goal, it doesn’t mean it’s time to stop growing and learning. Instead, continue to focus on areas that are weak spots or where you want to expand your knowledge base. Look for ways to improve, every day, accept and acknowledge your mistakes, and learn from them, too.

Ask for feedback.

Make it a point to talk to your team regularly and ask for feedback on your performance. Also, discuss the challenges they’re facing, concerns they have, and ways you can better support them. Honest feedback is key to improving your leadership skills.

Be trustworthy.

Values like dignity, honesty, respect for others, and having strong ethics are critical to becoming a great leader. When you showcase these values to your team, they will want to follow you. It will also set the tone for a healthy workplace culture where people want to be.

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