Time to Shine: How To Stand Out During Your Job Search

Time to Shine: How To Stand Out During Your Job Search | Future Force Personnel

Looking for a new job? If you want to land your dream role, you have to stand out. If, however, you send in a generic resume and boilerplate resume, you’re not going to make a memorable impression. To help you get noticed – and get a call for an interview – here are some tips to help you.

How Can You Stand Out During Your Job Search?

Get specific in your cover letter.

Don’t send in a cookie-cutter cover letter. Instead, offer specific insight into why you are a great fit for the job. One way to do that is through some digging to find a challenge or problem the company or industry is facing. Then offer your own solution for it. Keep it short; hiring managers only skim letters and resumes.

Customize your resume.

Avoid sending the same resume to every potential employer. Instead, tailor each one around every position so it’s more relevant – and more effective. Make sure you’re also showcasing your achievements and results, not just listing duties and tasks.

Update your LinkedIn profile.

Hiring managers will go beyond the resume and cover letter you submitted and will research you online. It’s why you also have to update your LinkedIn profile and make sure it has the most recent information about you on it. Highlight your achievements, ask contacts for testimonials, and post your own content.

Apply on a Monday.

According to recent research, Monday is the best workday to apply for a new position. Every little bit helps, so send in your resume and cover letter at the start of the week versus the end.

Connect the dots.

If you do get an interview, make sure you spend time preparing. Be ready to connect the dots between your background and the company’s needs in terms of the role. Spell out why you’re a great fit for the position and the goals for it. Make hiring you an easy decision for them.

Offer extra credit.

Create an online version or hard copy portfolio of your work and share it with hiring managers. This can include anything from samples of jobs you’ve worked on to writing pieces or a video showcasing your achievements. Putting in the hours to create something unique will help you stand out.

Follow up after an interview.

If you get an interview, follow up with a thank you email afterward, within 24 hours. Re-iterate your interest in the job and why you think you’re the right fit. If there are any key points you forgot to address in the interview, now’s the time to communicate them.

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