Tips on How to Stand Out From Other Candidates

Tips on How to Stand Out From Other Candidates | Future Force

Looking for a new job? There are countless strong candidates out there. This means you need to take steps during the hiring process that help you stand apart and make a memorable impression on the hiring manager. To distinguish yourself, here are some tips to follow:\

How Can You Stand Out From Other Candidates?

Tell a story in your cover letter.

The cover letter is the first thing a hiring manager will see from you. Don’t send in one that’s generic, boilerplate, or copied and pasted from the Internet. Make yours stand apart with a story or example of your work that relates to the role. This will pique the hiring manager’s interest and make them want to keep reading.

Add accomplishments to your resume.

Your resume should be more than a bullet list of tasks. It should also include accomplishments you’ve achieved, awards won, recognition earned, and any other facts or figures related to your background. The more you’re able to include specific numbers, amounts, time saved, or examples of a successful track record, the more you’ll engage the hiring manager and stand out.

Do your research before an interview.

Don’t wing it in an interview. Make sure you read through the company website and the job posting. Look at their social media sites, like their LinkedIn company page, and read any news articles about them. The more you know, the more insightful your answers will be. You’ll also ask better questions that will further impress the hiring manager.

Be ready to answer tough questions.

Prepare yourself to answer tricky interview questions, like “tell me about a time you made a mistake on the job ,” or “what’s your biggest weakness?” You don’t want a cookie-cutter answer, but an honest, authentic one. At the same time, you don’t want to sabotage a potential offer. It’s important to think through your answers to these kinds of questions and prepare yourself ahead of time.

Follow up after.

Write a short email or letter to the hiring manager once the interview is over. Send it within 24 hours. Make sure you reiterate your interest and also highlight anything about your background you didn’t bring up in the interview. Keep it short, but polished and well-written, so you further stand out from the competition.

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