3 Tips for a Successful First Week in a New Job

3 Tips for a Successful First Week in a New Job | Future Force Personnel

Starting a new job is both stressful and exciting. You want to get off on the right foot, from the beginning. How do you make the most of that first week – and make a great impression? Here are three tips to keep in mind for a successful start.

How Can You Be Successful Your First Week On The Job?

Tip #1: Ask questions.

Don’t hold back when it comes to questions. Now is the time to ask them, not two months from now when you’ve been on the job for sixty days. In the beginning, you’re expected to ask a lot of questions, and it’s always better to get the information than to guess. This will help you to get up and running faster, as well as gain some clarity about the bigger picture.

So, each day of your first week, head to work with questions in mind based on what you learned the day before. Not only will asking questions help you find out details about your role faster, but you’ll meet more of your new colleagues along the way.

In the process, ask your manager how they prefer questions from you. Do they want you to email or text them, or simply stop by their office? If you have a lot of questions for one particular person, like a department head, consider setting up a meeting rather than asking them piecemeal.

Tip #2: Get to know your co-workers.

Starting a new job can lead to feelings of anxiety. It’s only natural, however, don’t let it stop you from getting to know your colleagues. Take advantage of any social outings or invitations offered to you, like lunch or happy hour. Ask questions and get to know where each new person you meet fits into the company. This will help you gain more perspective into the organization and where everyone fits in.

Along the way, do your best to try and remember names. One technique is to repeat a first name back to an individual when you first meet them. Another strategy is to write it down after your conversation. If you do forget someone’s name, just be honest. Say something such as: “I’m sorry, can you remind me of your name? I’ve taken in a lot of information over the past few days.”

Tip #3: Find out all the essentials.

If your new manager gives you a tour of the office or building, make sure you’re noting where everything is, from the copy room to elevators to the break room and more. If you aren’t offered a tour, ask one of your new co-workers to give you one, so you know where everything is. This will help you to navigate your new office space easier and feel more comfortable faster.

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