How Job Rejections Can Turn Into a Greater Opportunity

How Job Rejections Can Turn Into a Greater Opportunity | Future Force Personnel

Job rejection happens to everyone at one time or another. And, if you’re like most candidates, it delivers a huge blow, one that can be difficult to bounce back from. So how can you become more resilient and take job rejections in stride in the future, actually learning from them in the process? Here are a few ways to turn setbacks into successes:

How Does a Job Rejection Turn Into a Greater Opportunity?

Avoid setting expectations from the start.

Even if you think you’re the perfect fit for a job or aced an interview, don’t anticipate an offer. You don’t know what’s happening internally within the company or the level of other candidates that are being interviewed.

So, never assume anything and just continue to look for new jobs as you’re interviewing and waiting to hear back from those you’ve already applied to. Try to keep your emotions in check, and don’t get too invested in any one opportunity.

Process the pain from the rejection.

It’s normal to feel pain when you’re rejected, especially if it’s a job you really want. Take a moment and process the emotions you’re feeling. It might be anything from anger, sadness, and depression to even relief if you weren’t certain you even wanted the job.

If you are upset, acknowledge it, don’t bury the feeling. You can even talk to a trusted family member, friend, or colleague about your disappointment. But don’t wallow in it. After a few days, move on and re-invest in your job search.

Grow from it and bounce back stronger.

When you are rejected during your job search, look at it as a learning experience. Ask the hiring manager or interviewer if they can offer any feedback as to why you didn’t get the job. Perhaps it was due to a skill gap, a weak interview answer, or the company could have chosen to hire internally instead. Whatever information you can glean will be helpful. This way, you can find out about any mistakes you made in the process and avoid them in the future.

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