Spring Clean Your Resume: A Fresh Look At Your Professional Life

Spring is a great time of the year for cleaning out your closets – and cleaning up your resume. Not looking for a new job? That’s ok. Professionals should polish their resumes once a year, adding, deleting, and refining as needed.

So, after you’ve organized your cluttered dressers and drawers, it’s time to tackle your resume. Here are some tips for refreshing it, so you can put it to better use when the time comes.

Remove Dated or Old Information.

First, start with the easy stuff. Review the content and update it where needed. Do you have a new phone number or email address? What about your job titles? Is there anything new to add or old to remove? Are employers properly listed?

If you have old jobs from decades ago, now’s a good time to get rid of them. After about 15 years, they are no longer relevant. Likewise, if you have any affiliations or skills listed that aren’t pertinent any longer, remove those too.

Refurbish Vague Information With Specifics.

Another way to refresh your resume this spring? Add in details. Quantify accomplishments wherever you can, whether it’s with time saved, sales earned, projects completed, or clients won.

For example, you can take a statement like “Worked with team to win new client” to “Led a team of five associates toward securing a new $100k per year contract with local industry leader.”

It’s all about results and showcasing to potential or future employers that you have a track record of success.

Check for Missing Items.

Finally, examine your resume and look for anything that’s missing, whether it’s a job title, a key task you’re in charge of, results you achieved, or new credentials, like certifications, licenses, or degrees. Update these with accurate information and don’t forget to add in any volunteer or pro bono work you’ve done. Just because you’re not paid doesn’t mean it’s not good experience for your resume.

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