Financial Wellness Tips for Job Seekers

Financial Wellness Tips for Job Seekers | Future Force Personnel

Searching for the right job can be stressful, especially if you’re unemployed. Your finances can lead you to say “yes” to an opportunity you actually want to turn down. The good news? By following a few financial wellness tips, you can avoid this and land the job of your dreams. Here’s what to do.

What Financial Wellness Tips Are There for Job Seekers?

Create a budget – and stick to it.

Tight finances are difficult. But keep in mind, it’s a temporary situation. So, until you get a full-time job, reign in spending with a budget. Know exactly where you spend every penny and cut down on those non-essentials that are costing you. This can include regular Starbucks runs, your gym membership, subscriptions, and shopping.

Take on a temp job.

While you’re searching for a new position, take on temporary, contract, or freelance work. This allows you to earn some money, while still having plenty of time to search for a new job. At the same time, it’s a temporary or short-term situation that you can walk away from once the assignment ends. A temporary job can also help you expand your network, gain new skills, broaden your horizons, and even potentially find a new full-time job you love.

Be strategic about your job search.

When you’re sending out dozens of resumes every week, you’re not going to find the role you want. Instead, take a more targeted approach and only apply to those jobs you truly want. Take your time researching each company, so you can tailor your cover letter and resume. This way, you’ll find a new opportunity faster by focusing on quality instead of quantity.

Amp up your networking efforts.

While searching for a new job has changed a lot in recent years, one thing remains the same. Networking and referrals are still the best way to land a great opportunity. So if you’re not networking, now is the time to start. Make sure you’re attending at least one networking event each week, whether it’s a local business happy hour or industry-related opportunities. When you don’t have time, opt for online networking.

Take advantage of unemployment benefits.

These benefits can help you stay afloat financially during your job search. Reach out to your local unemployment office and make sure you understand your rights and what benefits you qualify for. Once you have some money coming in each month on a regular basis, it will take some of the pressure off you.

Get help from a recruiter.

Finally, if you want to find a terrific job opportunity that’s a fit for you, work with a recruiter. At Future Force, we’re an award-winning recruitment team in the Orlando, FL, area. We can connect you to top jobs and even temporary work to help you make ends meet during the job search. Ready to get started? Contact us or search our jobs today.

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