Think You’re Ready to Hire? Ask Yourself These 6 Questions First

As one of Dade County’s leading staffing agencies, we know that the decision to hire doesn’t come lightly these days. Having too many employees on board can be a big drain on your bottom line, while not having enough can certainly impact your ability to get orders out the door and meet customer demand.

So before making a firm decision about whether or not to hire, ask yourself a few questions:

1. How well are you meeting customer demand? 

In other words, are customers satisfied? Or have you had a recent uptick in complaints due to bad service or slow orders?

2. Can current employees do more? 

For instance, can you offer them overtime pay for working more? Or are there ways to re-organize your teams to make them more productive?

3. Do you have the cash flow to justify hiring? 

You not only have to look at your cash flow now, but you also need to try and anticipate what it will be in the near future in order to justify hiring someone new. Compensation is a big fixed expense and the last thing you want to do is put someone on the payroll, only to realize a few months later that you can’t afford your new recruit.

4. Do you have the workload to justify hiring? 

Similarly to the previous question, do you have the workload now and in the near future to justify bringing a new employee on board? People want to be busy and feel like they’re needed. And if there’s not enough work for them to do, they won’t be happy on the job. So if your need for extra help is stemming from a seasonal demand or short-term increase, then consider using temporary staffing instead.

5. Do you have the time and resources to train a new hire?  

When employees aren’t properly trained, then they won’t be successful on the job. So training – and also spending the time to manage them during those first few weeks and months – is critically important. And you need to ensure you have the time and resources to do so before committing to hiring.

6. Will a new hire pay for themselves? 

In other words, will hiring help save time, save money, win new clients, or offer some other important advantage to your company that is greater than the total cost of a new hire’s compensation?

If you’ve answered these questions and feel confident you’re ready to hire, let us know. As one of Dade County’s leading staffing agencies, we can give you access to full-time talent, as well as temporary help, to meet all your staffing needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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