Show Your Temporaries Some Love!

It used to be that temporary employees were tapped to fill in for last minute administrative or industrial needs. Fast forward to 2014 and temporary and contract workers have become an important part of many companies’ staffing strategies.

As a top temporary staffing agency in Miami, Future Force knows first-hand that temporary workers can help organizations:

  • Better face economic uncertainly with a more flexible approach to staffing
  • Find qualified people for short-term projects
  • Find scarce or specialty skill sets
  • Deal with the rising costs of regulatory mandates, like those associated with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
  • Cut costs in areas like overtime

Simply put:

Like never before, temporary workers are helping companies save time and money and enhance productivity. That’s why it’s so important to make them feel valued. While you don’t need to go overboard with your affection, there are steps you can take to keep them engaged, motivated and as productive as possible:

Introduce them. When they show up on the job, show them around. Introduce them to the entire team they will be working with, give them a tour of your location, show them where to eat, where the restrooms are and where office supplies are stored if they’re going to need them.

Be respectful. Too many times temporary employees get treated like second-class citizens. If they are, you can bet they won’t have any warm, fuzzy feelings about your company. You never know who could be a future customer or full-time employee. So treat all temps that come your way with respect.

Make them feel included. If your company is having a staff picnic, or some other social event, invite temporaries when appropriate. The more involved and invested they feel in your organization, the more positive results they will produce.

Motivate them. You know your full-time staff needs regular feedback. But what about your temporary workers? Absolutely. By offering regular input about the job they’re doing, you’ll affirm their positive performance and nix any concerns or issues in the bud.

Get to know them. Sure, they may only be there for a short period. But when you spend a little time getting to know your temporary workers, you may uncover skills sets or abilities you didn’t know they had, which could benefit your company in ways you didn’t expect.

The bottom line is that using temporary employees can offer your company many benefits. But just like any employee, they need to be treated properly in order to deliver the best results.

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