Thinking of Signing on with an Employment Agency? Ask These 12+ Questions First

You know that when you go to an interview, you’re bombarded with questions. From “tell me about yourself” to “describe your strengths and weaknesses,” your responses to should convince the hiring manager that you’re the best fit for the role. But did you know that if you’re considering signing up with a South Florida employment agency for professional job search help, there are some questions of your own you should be asking first?

Not all agencies are created equal and some will be a much better fit in terms of helping you gain access to the kind of opportunities that are right for you. Some employment agencies only serve specific industries, while others focus more on meeting the employment needs at certain size companies. They also vary greatly in employment policies, hiring processes, payroll schedules and other areas.

That’s why, in order to find the one that’s the right fit for you, ask the following questions first:

1. Can you tell about some of your clients? What industries do they work in and what kinds of positions do you fill with them?

2. Do you specialize in any one area? If so, which one?

3. Who would I be working with during the job search process? How much experience do they have? Have they worked with job candidates like me in the past?

4. How long is the average assignment with your employment agency?

5. What’s the pay rate like? What would the pay rate be for someone with my specific skills and experience? How and when would I be paid?

6. Do you offer any benefits, such as health insurance and paid time off?

7. What about skills training? What kind of resources would be available to me?

8. Do you have a policy in place if an employer extends a full-time opportunity to me?

9. Is there overtime available? What are the policies surrounding it?

10. Do I have to pay for your services?

11. How will you contact me if there’s an assignment available that I’m a good match for? How often can I expect to hear from you?

12. Do you currently have any positions available I’d be a good fit for?

When you’re interviewing with a reputable South Florida employment agency, they should have no trouble answering these kinds of questions. Once you get the information you need, you’ll be able to make a more informed choice as to which agency can best help you achieve your career goals.

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