Back to School: Why Employee Training is Vital to Company Success

Don’t have a comprehensive training program in place for employees? You might want to reconsider. In fact, HR Magazine recently reported that organizations investing $1,500 or more per employee per year on training yielded a 24% higher profit margin when compared with companies with lower annual training investments.

While it’s clear that training has the potential to yield a lucrative return on investment, it’s not the only reason to consider implementing such a program for your team. As one of the leading staffing agencies in Dade County, Future Force knows that employee training also:

Keeps staff on top of industry changes.

From advancements with technology to new legislation, the industry you operate in likely experiences many changes in terms of both trends and challenges. It’s important employees understand these, how they impact the business, and what they need to do in order to keep up.

Keeps your company ahead of the competition.

It’s true that your people are your biggest asset; but only when they’re well trained and performing optimally. Stagnant skills and knowledge, on the other hand, will kill your business, impacting sales, productivity and employee performance.

Keeps employees in the know.

Whether you have a start up or an established business, training your employees regularly can help keep them in the know, all so they can operate at peak levels. For instance, it can help with:

  • Maintaining skills and knowledge
  • Developing new skills
  • Addressing weaknesses
  • Building on strengths
  • Developing high potential employees

Keeps employees motivated.

Your best people want to learn. They know that acquiring different skills and knowledge is one important way to get ahead in their careers. By providing training to your team, you’re essentially giving them a pathway to develop their abilities and advance their careers. As a result, they’ll be more motivated to succeed, as well as more loyal to your business.

Keeps employees satisfied.

When employees know you’re regularly investing in their development, they’ll be far more satisfied on the job. This will reduce issues with turnover and lead to higher rates of productivity. This, in turn, can impact profitability, as well.

Keeps recruiting costs down.

When you’re able to train employees and promote them from within, it translates into savings on recruiting and hiring costs. You can also reduce the risk of an expensive hiring mistake.

The best people want to work for those companies that invest in their employees. So, not only will you benefit from the above advantages, but you can also attract a higher-quality pool of talent thanks to a comprehensive training program.

Need help attracting top workers to your team?

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