Question Time: Tell Me About a Time You Went Above & Beyond For a Job

In a previous post, we discussed 6 of the Most Common Interview Questions & How to Answer Them. While there are endless other ones to consider and potentially prepare for, another common one that can often get asked is to “tell me about a time you went above and beyond for a job.” Hiring managers are essentially trying to assess your commitment to your job and your work ethic by asking this question.

So what’s the best way to answer it? This can be an awkward question to respond to since many times, candidates have a hard time promoting their own abilities and strengths. But this is your opportunity to shine and set yourself apart in a big way. So when you’re answering this question, don’t only talk about the situation, but the impact it had. Here are some samples responses to help inspire you:

Sample #1:

In my last job, we had some difficult customers who were often hard to please. But I found that by better listening to their needs and asking a lot of questions, I could serve them in a way that made them happier. Not only that, but even when they are upset or not happy, I’m kind and patient. I understand that they’re just frustrated and it’s my job to fix the problem. I’ll do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.

Sample #2:

I think part of going above and beyond is not only solving problems and doing good work, but also anticipating issues. I recently noticed this with one of our vendors. They were scheduled to deliver a big order on a day our office was closed for some construction updates. By being on top of issues like this and making a quick phone call, I was able to reschedule the delivery date and avoid any problems for our company and our customers.

And if you’re looking for ways to go above and beyond at work now, all so you can secure a better job in the future, make sure you read our blog post about Where You Can Find Opportunities to Go Above and Beyond at Work.

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